Around the world in 182 days: Indonesia

Home of diversity, a feeling of tomorrow. Pavilion of Indonesia at EXPO 2020 in Dubai, UAE.

January 2022

Creating the future, from Indonesia to the world. The pavilion will be home to diversity, innovation and opportunities to explore how Indonesia is creating a better future with innovations that merge modern technologies and local knowledge.

Quick facts – Indonesia:

  • Demographics. Indonesia is home to 270 million people, around 300 ethnic languages, and the world’s largest Muslim population.
  • Economy. A G20, APEC, ASEAN and WTO member, Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, and one of the biggest in the world.
  • Language influences. Indonesians absorb their language from Sanskrit, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, and English.
  • Home to the popular tourist destination of Bali, Indonesia is almost three times the size of the State of Texas and, after Canada, has the second longest coastline in the world – more than 54,000 km. It also has some of the world’s most spectacular coral reefs, tropical rainforests and many exotic species of flora and fauna. Its warm tropical climate, natural beauty and friendly people attract tourists from all over the world – leading author Elizabeth Pisani to label it ‘the invisible giant’.

In the Indonesia Pavilion:

  • Interactive and innovative displays.
  • Connecting Yesterday. Once known as the ‘Spice Islands’, for centuries Indonesia attracted traders and explorers from Indochina, Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Traders and settlers contributed to the natural enrichment and diversification of Indonesian culture.
  • Connecting Today. Discover the great natural beauty of the world’s largest archipelago, the warmth and friendliness of its people, the rich cultural heritage which varies from island to island, and the array of opportunities for mutual growth and development.
  • Connecting Tomorrow. Explore Indonesia’s development of infrastructure that is improving the lifestyle and prosperity of its people, its role in developing science and technology, and how the country is sharing its local wisdom and innovations with the world.
  • Cultural entertainment.
  • Around the Archipelago. Visitors will be able to enjoy cultural performances originating from different regions of the archipelago, and an art exhibition.
  • Culinary experiences.
  • Indonesia Aroma, a delightful culinary journey. Indulge your appetite by taking an adventure through Indonesian culinary art experiences.

Ξ EXPO 2020 Dubai webpage

EXPO 2020 Dubai – Indonesia Pavilion

Architect: PT Wijaya Karya

∇ Location: view on Google Maps (Opportunity District)

Ξ EXPO 2020 Dubai webpage

Ξ EXPO 2020 Dubai Indonesia webpage

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