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Congo Republic / Republic of the Congo / Congo-Brazzaville

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A country in Central Africa.

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Congo Republic at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Congo Republic – interesting facts:

  1. The Congo River – that flows between Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo – is the deepest river in the world (220 m).
  2. Rainforest spreads over 70 percent of the Congo Republic. The Congo basin rainforest is the world’s second largest.
  3. There are many ethnic groups: the largest – the Kongo, the most famous –  Pygmies (people whose overrage height is less than 1.5 m).
  4. The Nouabale-Ndoki National Park is called the Last Eden on Earth.
  5. A chimpanzee Bonobo lives only in that country.
  6. Natural resources: diamonds, cobalt, copper.

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