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A landlocked country in Central Africa / East Africa.

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Burundi at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Burundi – interesting facts:

  1. Burundi is a landlocked, the third most densely populated country in Africa.
  2. It has two capital cities: Gitega – the political capital and Bujumbura – the economic capital.
  3. Three stars on Burundi flag represent the three main ethnic groups (Tutsi, Hutu and Twa).
  4. Burundi is one of the oldest countries in Africa. Its borders were created by Burundian monarchy.
  5. Lake Tanganyika is the longest freshwater lake in world, the second-deepest and the second-largest by volume.
  6. Lake Tanganyika is home to Gustave, a man-eating crocodile.
  7. A cow is a symbol of happiness, health and prosperity.
  8. Drinking banana beer in groups from one container using straws is very popular across the country.

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