Naples’ tradition of presepi

Every Christmas season (starting 8th Deember till 8th January) families in Naples (Campania, Italy) would set up at homes and in churches presepi – Christian nativity scenes. First presepio (presepe) was created by Saint Francis of Assisi in 1223, but the idea of nativity scenes started to develop in 16th century, becoming popular in 18th century.

The best place to see nativity scenes is Certosa di San Martino at Vomero in Naples – a museum with with the biggest in the world collecion of presepi or during visiting Napoli Sotterranea (Naples Underground) – and to buy (all your round): Via S. Gregorio Armeno (called Via dei Presepi) in Naples.

December 2, 2016

Via S. Gregorio Armeno, 80138 Napoli NA, Italy

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Certosa e Museo di San Martino, Largo S. Martino, 5, 80129 Napoli NA, Italy

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Naples Underground (Napoli Sotterranea), Piazza San Gaetano, 68, 80138 Napoli NA, Italy

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Halloween: ‘haunted’ places of the UAE

Some – believed to be hounted – places in the  United Arab Emirates

At Al Madam Ghost Village – half-buried town with a mosque, abandoned (no reason known…) few years after it was built – in Sharjah Emirate, UAE. It might be not a long time until the houses are completely swallowed by sand.

A fort and abandoned (believed to be hounted) houses in Al Jazirah Al Hamra Old Town – the Emirate of Ras al Khaimah, UAE. Al Jazirah Al Hamra (The Red Island) was originally a tidal island (hence the name). In the early 19th century there were around 200 inhabitants (most of them pearl fishers), in the second half of 20. century: 2500. At the beginning of 20th century it became the part of Ras Al Khaimah. In 1968 – as a result of a dispute – most of the people moved to Abu Dhabi (and hence abandoned village). Renovated Al Jazirah al Hamra Fort (and surrounding villas) hosts today the Heritage Village – a spot for art events and workshops.

Sunset at Al Madam Ghost Village, Sharjah, UAE

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Escher in the Palace

Escher in Het Paleis / Escher in The Palace – a museum of the Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972), known for his plays with perspective, space and reality. The musum is hosted in the Lange Voorhout Palace (eighteenth century residence, a winter palace of Queen Emma) in The Hague, Netherlands. In the rooms of the palace there are fifteen chandeliers made by the Dutch artist Hans van Bentem.

In the museum there was also a temporary exhibion of Andy Warhol works (December 13, 2021- May 29, 2022).

At the bottom: a music video inspired by Escher’s works.

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Yanardag – Fire Mountain

Yanardağ / Yanar Dag (in Azerbaijani: Fire Mountain) – a hill which side is nonstop on fire beacause of natural gas – in the suburbs of Baku, Azerbaijan. In the area also; mud vulcano, sulfur springs, Ottoman trenches, kurgan tomb.

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UCI MTB Eliminator World Cup 2022 at Al Hudayriat Island

UCI MTB Eliminator World Cup 2022 at Al Hudayriat Island, Abu Dhabi City – in Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE. Photos from the practice and from the race of the amateurs and professionals.

Winners: Marcela Lima (Brazil) and Titouan Perrin-Ganier (France).

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