Kuwait / State of Kuwait

الكويت‎  al-Kuwait / دولة الكويت‎  Dawlat al-Kuwait (Arabic)

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  • Country in Western Asia, in the northern edge of Eastern Arabia, at the tip of Arabian (Persian) Gulf
  • Capital: Kuwait City
  • Largest cities: Kuwait City
  • Area: 17,818 km² (water: negligible)
  • Population: 4,500,000 (1.3 million – Kuwaitis, 3.2 million – expatriates); density: 200.2/km²
  • Official language: Arabic
  • Borders: Iraq, Saudi Arabia
  • Seas: Arabian (Persian) Gulf
  • Highest point: Mutla Ridge (306 m)
  • Lowest point: Arabian (Persian) Gulf (0 m)
  • Longest river: no permanent rivers
  • Largest lake: none
  • Natural resources: petroleum, fish, shrimp, natural gas
  • Natural hazards: dust storms, sand storms
  • Climate: arid climate; hot summer (March-October) – average daily high temperatures: 42-48°C (the highest ever recorded temperature: 54°C at Mitribah on 21 July 2016 – the highest recorded temperature in Asia, the third highest in the world); cold winter (October-March) – average daytime temperature: 10–17°C (at night even below 0°C)
  • Religion: 74.36% Islam (official), 18.17% Christianity, 7.47% other
  • Government: unitary constitutional monarchy
  • National day: 25 February (1950)
  • Currency: Kuwaiti dinar (KWD)
  • Time zone: UTC+3 (AST)
  • Calling code: +965
  • ISO 3166 code: KW
  • Internet TLD: .kw
  • Driving side: right
  • Electricity: 240V supply voltage and 50Hz, plug type: G


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GOVERNORATES (muhafazah) (6)

Al Asimah / Capital / Al Kuwayt

capital: Kuwait City

Failaka Island | Kuwait City


capital: Hawalli District


capital: Al Farwaniya

Mubarak Al-Kabeer

capital: Mubarak Al-Kabeer


capital: Ahmadi

Al Khiran


capital: Al-Jahra


Al-Jahra | Al Khiran | Failaka Island | Kuwait City


Kuwait at EXPO 2020 Dubai

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A VIEW FROM THE TOP (aerial photography)

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