International Polar Bear Day

International Polar Bear Day is on 27 February!

We founded the day to coincide with the time period when polar bear moms and cubs are snug in their dens. As part of our celebration, we focus on the need to protect denning families across the Arctic. […] On average, only about half of all cubs reach adulthood, with even lower survival rates in the most vulnerable populations.

Ξ International Polar Bear Day

In the photo (taken in December 2022) above: melting ice sculpture “Ours blanc sur glaces éphémères” (“Polar Bear on Thin Ice”) by Nicolas Godon and Laurent Godon (ice) and Mark Coreth (a life-size bronze skeleton). Instalation (for COP15 in Montreal) symbolizes climate change and its impact on the destruction of polar bear habitat (“Espace pour la vie”).

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