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Śnieżnik: a snowy mountain

Śnieżnik / Śnieżnik Kłodzki (Polish) / Králický Sněžník (Czech) – a mountain (1426 m) in Eastern Sudetes, that lies on the border between the Czechia and Poland. The highest peak of the Śnieżnik massif (Masyw Śnieżnika in Polish), located between Králíky town and the Kłodzko Gap. The name Śnieżnik / Sněžník origins from the words in Polish and Czech respectively that mean “snow” (evey year, the snow stays at Śnieżnik for a long time, even for 8 monts).

There is a mountain shelter at the altitude of 1218 m, on the western slope of Śnieżnik, at Hala pod Śnieżnikiem (Śnieżnik Coomb). It was opened in 1871.

Protected areas:

  • on Poland side – Nature Reserve Śnieżnik Kłodzki (Rezerwat Przyrody Śnieżnik Kłodzki) and Śnieżnik Landscape Park (Śnieżnicki Park Krajobrazowy),
  • on Czechia side – state protected natural reservation (Národní přírodní rezervace Králický Sněžník).

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Śnieżnik Kłodzki / Králický Sněžník, Poland / Czech Republic

Ξ Śnieżnik webpage (in Polish)

Ξ Śnieżnik mountain shelter website (in Polish)

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Czarna Góra: the Black Mountain

Czarna Góra (Black Mountain) – a mountain (1205 m) in the Żmijowiec arm of the Śnieżnik Massif. The name of the peak (formerly: Schwarzer Berg in German) probably origins from the dark color of the forest-covered mountain.

On the top of Czarna Góra, a wooden observation tower (14 m high) was built and on the north-eastern slope, in the Sienna village there is a ski resort (Czarna Góra Resort)

Czarna Góra is a good spot for winter sports, downhill cycling (one of the routes is one of the most difficult in Poland) and paragliding.

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Czarna Góra, Poland

Ξ  Czarna Góra Resort webpage (in Polish)

Ξ  Czarna Góra Resort webpage (in Polish)

⊕ Ski routes map

⊕ Bike routes map

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