A view from the top: Italy

Dec 6, 2016.

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Glory in the clouds

Glory / “halo” – an optical phenomenon, in a form of circle of white / colored light (like a circle of light around the head of a saint), surrounding the shadow of the head of observer (or of a plane airbone). It is caused by refraction of the sunlight or moonlight through ice crystals (water droplets in mist or clouds) in the atmosphere. Glory can also be formed around the sun, moon and or other luminous body.

Dec 29, 2016

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Velky Choc in Velky Fog

Velky Choc / Veľký Choč (“The Great Choc”), 1608 m, Slovakia – the highest peak of the Choč Mountains (in Slovak: Chočské vrchy) in the Fatra-Tatra Area in Slovakia.


Jun 23, 2019

Veľký Choč / Velky Choc, 026 01 Vyšný Kubín, Slovakia

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