The Moon

The Moon. Lesser Poland (Małopolska), Poland.

The Moon

Jun 7, 2017

Poland on

August Sturgeon Moon

Full Moon on 3rd August 2020. August Full Monn is traditionally called : Sturgeon Moon, Blueberry Moon, Wheat Cut Moon, Green Corn Moon. Those names are connected to agricultural activities (and fishing season) in the Northern Hemisphere.

Full Sturgeon Moon

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The fifth planet from the Sun

Jupiter – the largest planet in the Solar System, the fifth planet from the Sun, one of the brightest objects in the sky (third after Moon and Venus), a gas giant (it’s mass is 2,5 times bigger than the mass of all other Solar System planets), with 79 known moons. Named after Jupiter, the Roman god.


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The Moon and the Company 2

The Moon and Mars.

Mars – the Red Planet (red colour of its surface comes from iron oxide), the fourth planet from the Sun, the second-smallest one in the Solar System (the smallest one is Mercury), named after Mars – the Roman god of war.


UAE on 40thousandkm