The equator of the Earth is about 40 thousand km long…  Welcome to my journey around the world!

I will take you to…

A view from the top –  photos taken up ✈ in the air.


Middle Middle East – middle part of the Middle East – the countries of the Arabian Peninsula: Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, (Yemen) and United Aarab Emirates, where I live now.

The country on the Vistula RiverPoland  ❤

Where Maple Leaves FallCanada 🍁

Here and There – other places I have visited.


1001 Things to Do – 40thousandkm guide what to do when you are in…

Ain’t no Mountain High Enough – mountains: high and low – my love!▲

Bite the World – treats and recipes (coming soon) from around the world ⛾

Cloudy : Misty : Dreamy – dreamy world of clouds and mists… from above and from below.

Every sunset Every sunrise – the gazillion photos of sunsets ☀ and ☀ sunrises (I can’t get enough!)

Flower Kingdom – the worldwide beauty of the flowers ❀

Golden sands : ocean blue – all about the beach and the seas! And kitesurfing ⛱

In black and white – some black&white photography.

The Sky full of Stars – stargazing ☆ and more.

Shine Bright – jewellery from different parts of the world.

Street Art – Murals & Co from all over the world.

Here are some best posts:

The best posts of 2015 | The best posts of 2016 | The best posts of 2017The best posts of 2018The best posts of 2019 | The best posts of 2020  | The best posts of 2021

Countries I’ve been (83) ♥

Countries I’ve lived in (7): Canada, Finland, France, Poland, South Africa, Qatar, United Aarab Emirates.

Check out my photos also at:





and my filming locations guide:

40thousandkm movies

Agata Ziz

PS1. Here you can also find:

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PS2. All photos (unless otherwise stated) were taken by me. Please do not copy or use them without permission.

Thank you for all the vistis at 40thousandkm.com

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