August Sturgeon Moon – Blue Moon

Full Moon on August 22, 2021 – in Dubai, UAE.

August Full Moon is traditionally called: Sturgeon Moon, Blueberry Moon, Wheat Cut Moon, Green Corn Moon. Those names are connected to agricultural activities (and fishing season) in the Northern Hemisphere.

August Full Moon is also a Blue Moon – in this case the third Full Moon out of four during the summer 2021.

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Jupiter at opposition

On August 20, 2021 Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System was opposite the Sun (Jupiter, the Earth and the Sun were aligned) – that is why so perfect to observe from the Earth that night.

In the photos below: Jupiter and the Moon seen from Dubai, UAE.

Jupiter (left) and the Moon
Jupiter (left), the Moon and the plane (two dots on the right)

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June Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Full Moon – first after June solstice (summer solstice in Northern Hemisphere) Full Moon on June 24, 2021 – in Dubai, UAE.

The name of the Strawberry Moon is connected to the harvest season of that berry in June. June’s Full Moon is also called Rose Moon or Hot Moon.

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