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November 2019 (17)

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Mleiha Archaeological Centre – part 1

Archaeological sites (from late pre-Islamic period) in Mleiha / Maleha (Sharjah, UAE).

In the photos: fort (MLH-CW; built 2nd-3rd century), farmhouse complex (MHL-04), farmhouse with a kitchen (MHL-06), burial chambers (MHL-05), horse and camel cemetery (MHL-02), palace (MHL-08; 1st-3rd century).

March 2020 (17)

Mleiha Archaeological Centre, Sharjh, UAE

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Ξ More about archaeological sites – webpage

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Dubai Downtown: Ramadan cannon firing

In UAE, every evening during the fasting month of Ramadan, at sunset, the ritual of cannon firing  announces  the time to break the fast (midfa al iftar). There are few places where Ramadan cannons are located, one of them – in Dubai – is at Burj Park, next to Burj Khalifa.

It is believed that cannon firing tradition comes from Egypt, where from  10th century in this way people could know when to break their fast. In Dubai, it is observed from 1960s.

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