Around the world in 182 days: Benin

Creating future solutions inspired by traditions. Pavilion of Benin at EXPO 2020 in Dubai, UAE.

When innovation is rooted in tradition and history. See how we can live in harmony with nature and build solutions to current challenges in a pavilion that celebrates women, indigenous knowhow and cultural heritage.

November 30, 2021

In the Benin Pavilion:

  • Inspire yourself from the history of the incredible Amazones.
  • Contemplate the know-how of Beninese women and men.
  • Discover Beninese culture.
  • A taste of an incredible tourist destination. The Beninese government wants to make Benin one of the flagship destinations in West Africa and in the world by highlighting the natural, historical and cultural heritage of our regions.
  • Art and culture to support economic development. In terms of creativity, the significant artistic and cultural richness is a visible sign of the vitality of the sector and of the will of our artisans, artists and cultural players to participate in the economic development of our country.
  • Opportunities for business. The Beninese Investment and Export Promotion Agency is there to tell you more about business opportunities.
  • Videos of the country. Several videos are on display in the pavilion to showcase the country.

Benin – Quick facts:

  • Land area. Stretching over 112,600 sqkm, Benin is a land of life and exciting encounters.
  • Generous nature. Animal parks, great forests, picturesque landscapes, valleys and mountains of exceptional relief.
  • Since the 2018-2019 cotton campaign, Benin, under the leadership of President Patrice Talon, has been the leading cotton producer in Africa. A title that has been kept since then.

Ξ EXPO 2020 Dubai webpage

EXPO 2020 Dubai – Benin Pavilion

∇ Location: view on Google Maps (Sustainability District)

Ξ EXPO 2020 Dubai webpage

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