Prague at night

Prague, Czechia – a view from the top at night

Throwback. 2018-02-18

Czechia on 40thousandkm

Strawberry Moon

“Strawberry Moon” (also called “Hot Moon”) – June’s full Moon, the latest-rising Full Moon this year. It appeared larger than other Full Moons. The name of the Strawberry Moon is connected to the harvest season of that berry in June.

“Strawberry Moon penumbral eclipse” was visible in Asia, Africa and Australia – the moon was less bright than usual. During a penumbral eclipse Moon passes into Earth’s outer shadow (penumbra). A total lunar eclipse occurs when Moon enters the shadow of the Earth (umbra).

Strawberry Moon

UAE on 40thousandkm

May Flower Supermoon

Full Flower Moon on May 7th is the last Supermoon of 2020: the 3rd-closest (distance from Earth: 361,184 km) and the 3rd-largest Full Moon after the April Pink Supermoon and March Worm Supermoon. The next Supermoon will come in April 2021.

The May Supermoon is called “Flower” because of spring time in the Northern Hemisphere:  warm weather and blooming flowers. It is also known as the Corn Planting Moon, the Milk Moon and the Mother’s Moon.

March Worm Supermoon

April Pink Supermoon

UAE on 40thousandkm