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Above Czechia fields, around Prague.

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Czechia on 40thousandkm

Summer solstice eclipse

Partial solar eclipse (86.31%), Sunday – 21 June 2020 (summer solstice), 08:14-11:12, maximum at 09:36, Dubai – UAE.

Annular solar eclipse (up to 99.4% coverage) – in some parts of Africa, Middle East and Asia, and in Dubai – partial solar eclipse (with 86.31% coverage). Annular solar eclipse (Latin: annulus – little ring) occurs when a New Moon passes in front of the Sun, but it is not close enough to the Earth to cover the full disk of the Sun. Hence the ring of light/fire around the Moon. During total solar eclipse the Moon covers 100% of the Sun’s disk. Today’s solar eclipse coincides with the summer solstice (June solstice). The next eclipse like that will be on 21st June 2039.

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Ramadan cannon firing

In Dubai, every evening during the fasting month of Ramadan, at sunset, the ritual of cannon firing  announces  the time to break the fast (midfa al iftar). There are few places in Dubai where Ramadan cannons are located, one of them next to Burj Khalifa.

On Saturday, May 23rd, it was the last Ramadan cannon firing this year, singaling the end of Ramadan and begining of Eid Al Fitr festival.

It is believed that cannon firing tradition comes from Egypt, where from  10th century in this way people could know when to break their fast. In Dubai it is observed from 1960s.

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