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Coast walk in Reykjavík

A walk on coastal path in Reykjavík (Capital Region, Iceland). On the way:

  • coastal path art,
  • Grímsstaðavör old fishing sheds,
  • Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach (webpage),
  • Kópavogur and Kópavogskirkja (1960s church).

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Seltjarnarnes – a township next to Reykjavík, in Capital Region of Island. It is the smallest (by area – 2 km²) township in the country. Located on Seltjarnarnes peninsula, with beautiful views.

Sights / Things to do in Seltjarnarnes:

  • Grótta island – with lighthouse and rich birdlife, accessible only at low tide and off nesting season, good for nothern lights viewing;
  • Bakkatjörn lake – good for birdwatching;
  • Kvika footbath – geothermal pool;
  • Sundlaug Seltjarnarness – a public swimming pool, with hot tubs;
  • 9-hole golf course;
  • walking trails;
  • Seltjarnarneskirkja – Seltjarnarnes church at Valhúsahæð (good for nothern lights viewing).

Ξ Seltjarnarnes webpage

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Supraśl Town

Supraśl – a spa town in Podlaskie province (Poland), founded in the 16th century.

Sights / Things to do in Supraśl:

  1. Supraśl Lavra – The Monastery of the Annunciation.
  2. Chodkiewicz Palace.
  3. Archimandrites Palace – Museum of Printing and Papermaking.
  4. Buchholtz Palace.
  5. Holy Trinity church.
  6. Our Lady Queen of Poland church.
  7. Town hall.
  8. Monument to the Polish victory in the Polish–Soviet War in 1920 in a 19th-century park.
  9. Historic wooden architecture in the town centre and in green areas.
  10. A walk along Supraśl river, watch a sunset with a view to the monastery. If you are in luck – catch the rainbow!
  11. Must try Podlaskie treats.

Where next? / Nearby:

Studzianki (8 km from Supraśl) – great idea for bicycle trip.

Surażkowo (11 km from Supraśl) – a village in the middle of the forest, with wooden sculpures.

Kopna Góra (12 km from Supraśl) – a village with an arboretum and a cemetery of Polish November insurgents of 1831.

Łaźnie (13 km from Supraśl) – a small village with beautiful wooden orthodox church.

Królowy Most (14 km from Supraśl) – great idea for bicycle trip.

Białystok (16 km from Supraśl) – the capital of Podlaskie region.

Krynki (32 km from Supraśl) – a village with a catholic church, two orthodox churches and three synagogues.

Kruszyniany (42 km from Supraśl) – a village with the 18th-century wooden mosque (one of the two oldest mosques in Poland).

Supraśl, Podlaskie, Poland

Ξ Supraśl Tourism webpage

Ξ Museum of Printing and Papermaking

∇ Location: view on Google Maps

⛭ Weather in Supraśl

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