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May 19, 2017

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The Netherlands

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Amersfoort junction

Amersfoort – is a city (since 1259) and municipality in the Utrecht province (Netherlands), with the reach history and culture (and many museums). One of the largest Dutch railway junctions (three railway stations: Amersfoort Centraal, Schothorst, Vathorst). The name of the city – Amersfoort – comes from “a ford (a shallow place which allows to cross a river) in the Amer River” (today river Eem).

Amersfoort is birthplace of the painter Piet Mondriaan, a pioneer of 20th-century abstract art.

Ξ Amersfoort webpage (in Dutch)

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Zwolle – a city, municipality and the capital of Overijssel province in the northeastern Netherlands, known as a “green city” (for its more than 30 parks). Since obtaining the city and market rights (13th century) and becoming a member of the Hanseatic League, Zwolle was an important trade centre. Zwolle is located on an incline in the landscape between the four rivers: IJssel, Vecht, Aa and Zwarte Water. Hence the name of the city: the word “suolle” means “hill”.

Sights / Things to do in Zwolle:

  • Sassenpoort – a city gate from late 14th century, one of the Zwolee main landmarks.
  • City wall ruins – from late 14th century.
  • Basiliek (basilica) van Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-ten-Hemelopneming (from the late 14th century) and Peperbus (pepper pot) tower (from the 15th century) – tourist can climb the first part of the tower to see the views of Zwolle.
  • Grote Kerk (Sint-Michaëlskerk – Archangel Michael church) – from the 15th century. In 17th century the church tower collapsed and the church bells were sold for a high price to Kampen city. Kampen authorities noticing that they paid too much for the damaged bells decided to pay in copper coins. Zwolle wanted to make sure that the amount is correct and counted all the coins but after that they fingers turned blue. Since then Blauwvingers (Bluefingers) is the colloquial name for the citizens of Zwolle.
  • Parks: Potgietersingel, Engelse Werk (English Work), Park de Wezenlanden.
  • Museums: City Museum Zwolle, Museum De Fundatie.

Zwolle, Overijssel, Netherlands

Ξ Zwolle webpage

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