Happy 2021!

Wishing you a wondeful New Year….

In the photo: special celebration of the end of the special year…. Instead of fireworks – the Beam of Hope as a tribute and to welcome 2021 in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Travel Challenge – Day 2

Travel Challenge! I was invited by an amazing travel passionate Anita from 100 Country Trek (thank you!) to post one favorite travel picture a day for ten days. – without explanation – then to nominate someone else to participate. That’s 10 days, 10 travel pictures, and 10 nominations. Many of you are already busy with the challege. However, if you wish to participate, please feel nominated! And have fun posting travel photos (and please link back to me that I will not miss them!). If you know where my photo was taken – let me know in the comment. Enjoy! ♥

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Edit (the answer):

Table Mountain & Sunset Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

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Christmas Star: The Great Conjunction 2020

The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn took place on 21st December at 13:22 GMT. In the photos below: Jupiter (brighter) and Saturn at around 19:00 GMT (and the beautiful Moon) in Cape Town, South Africa.

Every 20 years Jupiter and Saturn pass close to each other and this is called “the great conjuction”. This year however the distance between them is the smallest since 1623. Those two planets – observed with naked eye – looked like a one bright star (“Christmas star”). For the observers on Earth they were only 0.1 degrees apart (however Saturn was twice as far from our planet as Jupiter). The next such exceptional great conjunction will be in 2080 and then in 2417 and 2477…

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Solar eclipse and the clouds

Partial solar eclipse (59.4%), Monday – December 14, 2020, 18:52-19-:52 (sunset), maximum at 19:43 – in Cape Town, South Africa.

The solar eclipse on December 14 started in west part of Southern America and ended in west part of Southern Africa. The total solar eclipse was visible in the parts of Chile and Argentina; the partial solar eclipse in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and South Africa.

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