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Dec 17, 2016

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Magura Witowska in winter

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Two goats and twilight – at the slopes of Jebel Jais, a mountain in North-Western Hajar Mountains, in Ras al Khaimah emirate, UAE.

One Word Sunday Challenge: Two – by Debbie from Travel With Intent.

At Jebel Jais: view to Shaam and Arabian Gulf – Ras al Khaimah, UAE

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Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary – natural coastal wetland located in the middle of Dubai, at the end of Dubai Creek.

It consists of low-lying saline flats, lagoon, intertidal mud and sand flats and mangrove swamps that serve as an important habitat for more than 450 species of fauna and 47 species of flora. During winter, it regularly supports more than 20,000 waterbirds belonging to 67 species and acts as a critical staging ground for migratory waterbirds along the East African-West Asian Flyway.*

*Ramsar webpage

Those species have been seen in the area: Greater Flamingo (more than 3000!), Sociable Lapwing, Greater Spotted Eagle, Broad-billed Sandpipers, Socotra Cormorant, Ferruginous Duck, Common Kingfisher, Eurasian Spoon Bill, Kentish Plover, B​lack-Tailed Godwit.

More about fauna and flora in Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Mar 15, 2016

Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary – Ras Al Khor Road, Ras Al Khor, Dubai, UAE

Opening hours:

  • winter (October-March) 7:30-17:30
  • summer (April-September) 6:00-18:00
  • Ramadan 8:00-16:00

Entry: free (walk-in registration is required)

Viewing areas:

Ξ Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary webpage

Ξ Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary – Ramsar webpage

∇ Location: view on Google Maps

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Mangroves in Umm Al Quwaim

Mangroves in Khor Kalba

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Camels in Ras al Khaimah in United Arab Emirates.

August 2020

∇ Location: view on Google Maps

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