Life in Color: White II

Life in color white. Posted for Life in Colour: White or Silver – by Jude from Travel Words.

In winter: Magura Witowska and Tatra MountainsPoland.

Birla Mandir temple, constructed of white marble, in Hyderabad, India.

White houses in Mutrah (Muttrah) – Muscat, Oman.

Burj Khalifa in white – Dubai, UAE.

Spectacular lava fields and a white chair – Eastern Region (Eastfjords) in Iceland.

Black desert and a white chair

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Alexandria in black&white

In Alexandria (Egypt).

May 2012 (25)

Alexandria – الإسكندرية
Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

∇ Location: view on Google Maps

⛭ Weather in Alexandria

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Purani Haveli – Nizam’s Museum

On International Museum Day (18th May) – a flashback from one of the most beautiful museums I have visited: Purani Haveli – Nizam’s Museum – in Hyderabat, India.

Purani Haveli (Masarrat Mahal palace / Haveli Khadeem – “old mansion”) – a palace and former official residence of the Nizam – ruler of Hyderabad. Built in 18th century by Ali Khan Bahadur, Asaf Jah II for his son Sikander Jah, Asaf Jah III, who after some time spent here moved to Chowmahalla Palace.

Within that U-shaped palace complex Mirror House (Ayina Khaana) and Chinese Glass House (Chini Khaana) were also constructed. Inside the Purani Haveli there is the world’s largest wardrobe (belonging to the 6th Nizam – Mahboob Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VI) and a 150-year-old wooden lift, manually operated.

Today the palace houses a school, an industrial training institute and the Nizam’s Museum, opened in 2000. The museum is dedicated to the last Nizam of Hyderabad – Osman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VII and presents the gifts he had received for his silver jubilee celebrations in 1936 (among them: tiffin box studded with diamonds, miniature silvier replicas of the landmark buildings in Hyderabat).

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