LAPC #241: Spring, oh, it’s you!

Beautiful spring in Poland. Posted for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: LAPC #241: Spring – by Sofia of Photographias.

This morning suddently she knocked on my door.
Those warmer days came faster than I would think.
I took her wet coat and sat her vis a vis.
It started to smell and it became bright!
Oh! Spring, it’ you!

∼ Marek Grechuta, “Spring, oh, it’s you!”

Dzisiaj rano niespodzianie zapukała do mych drzwi
Wcześniej niż oczekiwałem przyszły te cieplejsze dni.
Zdjąłem z niej zmoknięte palto, posadziłem vis a vis.
Zapachniało, zajaśniało wiosna, ach to ty!
Wiosna, wiosna, wiosna, ach to ty!

∼ Marek Grechuta, “Wiosna, ach to ty”

Marek Grechuta / Anawa – Wiosna, ach to ty! (Spring, oh, it’s you!)

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© Agata Ziz • All photos were taken by me • All rights reserved

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