LAPC #221: Flower Favourites – and Why?

‘Just living is not enough’, said the butterfly, ‘one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower’. ∼ Hans Christian Andersen, The Complete Fairy Tales

My favourite flowers? All of them! All time favourite: violets – for the smell, delicacy and abundance (no good photo so far…). However below you can find honorable mentions:

Posted for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: LAPC #221 – Flower Favourites – and Why? – by Ann-Christine of Leya.

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Flowers: arabian jasmine, blue thistle, bluebell, bougainvillea, butterfly pea, cherry blossom, Cairo morning glory, chestnut, chrysanthemum, colza, cornflower, crepe jasmine, crown of thorns, daisy, dandelion, desert rose, eustoma, forget-me-not, gillyflower, graptopetalum bellum, hibiscus, hollyhock, hydrangea, iris, kalanchoe, lily, lily of the valley, linden, lupine, magnolia, mallow, marigold, marsh marigold, moss rose, nettle, orchid, pansy, pasque flower, pelargonium, peony, peregrina, periwinkle, Peruvian lily, petunia, plumeria, poinsettia, pomegranate, poppy, primrose, protea, rose, skyblue clustervine, sunflower, Texas sage, thistle, tulip, verbena, violet, water lily, zinnia.

Flowers by color: blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, violet, white, yellow.

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© Agata Ziz • All photos were taken by me • All rights reserved

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