Podkarpackie: Creative by Nature

Subcarpathian (Podkarpackie) region at Poland Pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai, UAE.

March 10-14, 2022


Podkarpackie: Creative by Nature

(…) Podkarpackie Region is an example of using natural resources in the technological race. It is a region that combines the beauty of nature with the development of science and the latest technologies. This makes Podkarpackie an attractive investment region. (…)

Especially in the context of Dubai, the fact is important, interesting, and worth emphasizing, that the Podkarpackie region is the cradle of the oil industry and therefore a place with a strong historical context on a global scale. The key figure is of course Ignacy Łukasiewicz and his invention that changed the fate of the world. It is in the Podkarpacie region, in Bóbrka, that the oldest oil mine in the world is located. (…)

An important and distinctive element of Podkarpacie is nature. The region is famous for its abundance of natural resources: health resorts, spas, mud, thermal waters – these are just some of Podkarpacie’s assets. (…) The diversity of landscapes of Podkarpacie such as Beskid Niski, Bieszczady, and Roztocze positively affects the perception of the region as a source and inspiration of technological progress. (…)

Technology and economy have excellent conditions for development here. Creativity, which is born in Podkarpacie, is used on global markets. Podkarpacie is a place with many advantages – the aerospace industry, biotechnology, automotive industry, and electro-mechanical engineering are developing dynamically here.

Ξ Poland at EXPO 2020

Poland at Expo | The Podkarpackie Region at Expo 2020 Dubai

EXPO 2020 Dubai – Poland Pavilion

Architect: WXCA

∇ Location: view on Google Maps (Mobility District)

Ξ EXPO 2020 Dubai webpage

Ξ Poland at EXPO 2020 Dubai

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