Reimagine Energy. Reimagining our shared energy story – a human story that connects us all. ENOC Pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai, UAE.

March 2022

In the ENOC Pavilion:

  • Discover. Explore the principles of energy as an atomic force. Learn the incredible scale of the energy story through a 180-degree, breathtaking shared cinematic experience featuring a bold audiovisual landscape.
  • Harness. Explore how connected we are as you interact with an expansive mural featuring electric paint that brings scenes to life—celebrating how we live, work and innovate.
  • Connect. View energy through the lens of personal connection. Engage with energy in a way that brings you together with others. Through this unique shared performance, you’ll see energy as a beautiful force for unity.
  • Reimagine. An epic end to our energy story. A thought-provoking narrative using compelling light and sound to reflect on the potential of our shared future.
  • The Hive. The Hive represents an invaluable opportunity to showcase a plurality of voices—and acknowledge their role in the discussions that could shape the future of the energy sector.
  • An immersive journey to explore humankind’s relationship with energy throughout history.
  • A space designed for knowledge exchange between industry experts and peers on industry changes.
  • Artwork by eL Seed – a cyindric tower with the Stendhal’s quote in Arabic: “Love is the miracle of civilizations”.

Emirates National Oil Company Limited (ENOC) is a leading integrated energy company. Owned by the Government of Dubai, ENOC has made significant contributions to economic diversification and sustainable development. ENOC comprises more than 30 subsidiaries and has a strong presence in more than 60 markets.

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