The Emir from Poland

The Emir from Poland – a temporary exhibition about Wacław Seweryn Rzewuski – created by Stellar Fireworks and Science Now in collaboration with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute – at Poland Pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai, UAE.

January 2, 2022

A journey through the life and work of Wacław Seweryn Rzewuski (1784–1831) – a legendary Polish traveller, who blended together two archetypes: that of a Bedouin Emir and that of a knight fighting for his homeland’s independence.

Rzewuski made a spectacular contribution to our knowledge about the traditions that were cultivated for centuries on the Arabian Peninsula. On his travels in the region he documented the life and culture of the desert-dwelling Bedouins. His fascinating memoirs cover the breeds and anatomy of Arabian horses, describe nature, architecture and music, and offer wonderful cartographic sketches of the Peninsula.

In recognition of his devotion to Arab culture Rzewuski was given the title of Emir and the names Abd al-Nishan (“Servant of the Sign”) and Taj al-Fakhr (“Crown of Glory”). His strong, lifelong attachment to his homeland, in turn, found its culmination in his fighting in Poland’s defense during the November Uprising of 1830–31, where he perished.

Ξ Poland at EXPO 2020

Poland at Expo | The Emir from Poland

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