Around the world in 182 days: Montenegro

Discover the most beautiful encounter between land and sea. Pavilion of Montenegro at EXPO 2020 in Dubai, UAE.

November 2021

Blessed by nature. Live the sights and sounds of Montenegro’s natural resources and touristic attractions. Discover the wide range of opportunities of a small country with a thriving vision for a sustainable future.

Montenegro – quick facts:

  • Deepest canyon in Europe. The sheer 1,300-metre depth of the Tara Canyon makes it the deepest in Europe.
  • Never stopping tourism. Thanks to its snowy mountains and sun-drenched beaches, Montenegro welcomes you every season.
  • Largest wind power plant in the region. With Masdar’s support, Montenegro built a vast wind farm to boost its production of clean energy.
  • Expo 1905 Liege. Montenegro’s first Expo participation was at Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Liège 1905.
  • Montenegro was the very first country in the world to declare itself an Ecological State. On 20 September 1991, the Parliament of Montenegro signed a forward-looking declaration which acknowledged the deeply rooted bond existing between man and nature, and which firmly stated the urgency of collective action for environmental protection.

In the Montenegro Pavilion:

  • A digital forest pulsing with life. Find yourself surrounded by a fairy-tale-like digital forest. At the heart of the pavilion, a colourfully illuminated forest will transfer visitors to an immersive dimension, playing and interacting with lights and sounds, and offering a glimpse of Montenegro in Dubai.
  • Beauties of Montenegro. Like a belvedere overlooking Montenegro, an 8-metre-long projection discloses to visitors the sights and sounds of the country’s untouched and biodiverse landscapes, revealing its peculiar harmonious relationship with nature. Enjoy an exclusive panoramic window into Montenegro’s most impressive landscapes.
  • A country to be lived in all-year round. An interactive totem leads visitors in the discovery of leisure mountain and seaside activities that let you experience Montenegro as a place to be enjoyed always and in an environmentally responsible way.

Ξ EXPO 2020 Dubai webpage

EXPO 2020 Dubai – Montenegro Pavilion

Architect: Matija Vukovic

∇ Location: view on Google Maps (Sustainability District)

Ξ EXPO 2020 Dubai webpage

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