Around the world in 182 days: Mexico

Roots of expression and identity, creation and creativity. Pavilion of Mexico at EXPO 2020 in Dubai, UAE.

November 2021

A symbol of hospitality and flourishing of life. Highlighting the mobility of Mexican people and the importance of biodiversity, you will go on a journey of rooting and heritage, migration, exchange and strength throughout the cycle of life.

In the Mexico Pavilion:

  • Admire the monumental handmade façade. More than 200 women from the town of Etzatlan, Jalisco wove the installation that wraps the pavilion in an unpreceded process of collaborative art. The colorful pavilion’s façade was hand-woven in crochet style and highlights female empowerment.
  • Asension, a glimpse of Chichen Itza. Step into a magnificent kaleidoscope to admire the beauty of this pyramid that is among the seven wonders of the world.
  • Travel to Tulum and meet the Feathered Snake. Enter the Mayan Dome and encounter Kukulcan, the God of Wisdom, and virtually travel through imagery of the Yucatan Peninsula jungle, outer space, and the bottom of Caribbean Sea.
  • Sanctuary: Aesthetics of biodiversity in Mexico. A stunning and immersive projection highlighting the natural habitat of the monarch butterfly, the humpback whale and the fireflies.
  • Discover rich traditions and fascinating talent of Mexican artisans via fine handcrafted creations.
  • Meshico: The soul of Mexico. The first floor features the pavilion’s restaurant with authentic dishes from the best that Mexican gastronomy offers, all served in a festive environment.
  • A section for business and networking, to discover products, partnerships and investments.

Ξ EXPO 2020 Dubai webpage

EXPO 2020 Dubai – Mexico Pavilion

Architect: Capital Engineering

∇ Location: view on Google Maps (Mobility District)

Ξ EXPO 2020 Dubai webpage

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