Life in Color: Red III

In red at night: Poland (first gallery – photos taken before 2020) and UAE (second gallery). Posted for Life in Colour: Red – by Jude from Travel Words.

Poland on | UAE on

© Agata Ziz • All photos were taken by me • All rights reserved

8 thoughts on “Life in Color: Red III

    1. All the photos from Poland (first gallery) were taken before 2020.
      More than half of the photos from UAE (second gallery) were taken in 2020-2021 but all the people (there was really not a lot of them comparing to pre-corona times) you can see on them (and also next to me, who was taking photos) were following the local rules (wearing the masks, social distancing…). Thank you for your concern!

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      1. a big thank you !
        I was just concerned, about traveling in a worldwide covid pandemic …
        Now i understand that you did all the possible things to keep it safe for everyone !
        (sorry for my poor English, my native language is Belgium Dutch, with a little help from Google translate, i can manage it 🙂 )

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