Life in Color: Purple II

The World in Purple. Posted for Life in Colour: Purple – by Jude from Travel Words.

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May Flower Supermoon

Full Flower Moon on May 26th was the second (and last) supermoon of 2021. Supermoons appear larger and brighter than usual Full Moons: the May supermoon was 14 percent larger 30 percent brighter.

The first lunar eclipse of the 2021 that took place on that day was not visible in the UAE.

The May supermoon is called “Flower” because of spring time in the Northern Hemisphere:  warm weather and blooming flowers. It is also known as the Corn Planting Moon the Milk Moon and the Mother’s Moon.

In the photo below: Full Moon in Dubai, UAE.

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It is hot

It is a very hot week in UAE. Every day temperatures hit the high forties. On Sunday, May 23, the highest recorded temperature was 49.1°C (120,4°F) in Dubai – according to The National Centre of Meteorology.

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Lake Balaton

Balaton – a lake in the Central and Southern Transdanubia, Hungary, the largest lake in Central Europe (surface area: 600 km²), the largest inflow: Zala river, the only outflow: Sió. Sourrounded by hills with vineyards and resort towns. The name of the lake comes from Slavic bolto (mud, swamp).

Balaton lake, Hungary

June 8, 2017

Hungary on 40thousandkm