Once in a Blue Moon

The second Full Moon of the month – Blue Moon (not necessarily blue in color) – shined in the sky on October 31. The simplified definiton of “Blue Moon” says that it is the second Full Moon in one month and the expression “once in a blue moon” means that something happens very rare, almost never.

The first Full Moon in October was on the first day of the month: October Harvest Moon.

That rare Full Moon earned the color blue in its name probably after the 1883 Krakatoa volcano eruption in Indonesia, when the dust haze caused the visual effect of green sunrises and sunsets and a blue Moon.

The coincidence of Full Moon and Halloween is quite rare – it occurs 3-4 times per century (the next ones will be in 2039, 2058, 2077 and in 2096).

During Full Blue Moon and later in November Mars still shines bright in the sky.

More about Halloween Blue Moon (Star Walk News)

In the photos below: Blue Moon rising in Dubai, UAE.

Blue Moon rising – Dubai, UAE

Blue Moon – Dubai, UAE

Ella Fitzgerald – “Blue Moon”

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The sea

Views to the Baltic Sea from the cliffs in Jastrzębia Góra (Pomeranian, Poland).

Jastrzębia Góra – a village and a resort on the south coast of the Baltic Sea in the Kashubia. It is known for its long beach (with the most northerly point in Poland) and cliffs. At nearby Cape Rozewie there is a lighthouse and nature reserve.

June 2018

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The Moon and the Company III

The Moon meets Mars in the sky on the night of 29th October 2020 – in Dubai, UAE.

Moon & Mars – Dubai, UAE


Moon & Mars – Dubai, UAE


Moon – Dubai, UAE


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Syrena – The Queen of the Roads

Syrena (The Mermaid) or Syrenka (The Little Mermaid) – a Polish car – two-door sedan with two-stroke engines – manufactured from 1957 to 1983, first by FSO in Warsaw, later (from 1972) by FSM in Bielsko-Biała. More than half a million cars have been produced in several models: 100, 101, 102, 103, 104 and 105 (the most popular).

Syrena (The Mermaid) – Warsaw, Poland

Syrenka Warszawska (The Mermaid of Warsaw), reprezented on Warsaw’s coat of arms, is the symbol of the Polish capital. According to the legend Syrenka is protecting the city and its residents.

Syrenka Warszawska – Warsaw, Poland

Feb 15, 2018

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