Summer solstice eclipse

Partial solar eclipse (86.31%), Sunday – June 21, 2020 (summer solstice), 08:14-11:12, maximum at 09:36 – in Dubai, UAE.

Annular solar eclipse (up to 99.4% coverage) – in some parts of Africa, Middle East and Asia, and in Dubai – partial solar eclipse (with 86.31% coverage). Annular solar eclipse (Latin: annulus – little ring) occurs when a New Moon passes in front of the Sun, but it is not close enough to the Earth to cover the full disk of the Sun. Hence the ring of light/fire around the Moon. During total solar eclipse the Moon covers 100% of the Sun’s disk. Today’s solar eclipse coincides with the summer solstice (June solstice). The next eclipse like that will be on 21st June 2039.

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