The Herbal Corner – Wood

In the Herbal Corner (Ziołowy Zakątek), it is all about the herbs: for nutrition, health, wellbeing. That agritourism facility located in the heart of Podlasie, one of the cleanest parts of Poland, offers accomodation, alimentation and education. And all of that with herbal flavor.

Sights / Things to do in the Herbal Corner:

  • accomodation in traditional wooden farmhouses (moved here from different parts of Podlasie region), why not in a log cottage (a cabin in a log) or in dugout (cottage in the ground);
  • wake up call by a cock or a cow;
  • inn serves dishes made with farms’s own products from the ecological vegetable garden, the fields, the farm (eggs and dairy) and from the local forest;
  • Podlaski Botanical Garden (Podlaski Ogród Botaniczny) – 1500+ species of plants on 12 hectares land;
  • educational walks (e.g. herbal medicine) and workshops;
  • garlic “spa” in garlic corner;
  • pottery shop and workshops;
  • grocery store with local products;
  • herbal store Dary Natury (Gifts of Nature);
  • herbal library;
  • 17th-century wooden church with Biblical Garden;
  • Rosarium – rose garden with more than 150 species of roses, and the rose café;
  • swimming pool;
  • herbal spa;
  • kids playground;
  • bicycle rental.


May 2019

The Herbal Corner / Ziołowy Zakątek, Koryciny 73b, 17-315 Koryciny, Poland

Ξ Ziołowy Zakątek webpage

∇ Location: view on Google Maps

⛭ Weather in Koryciny

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