Icelandic cuisine

An introduction to Icelandic cuisine:

  • dried fish with butter – a traditional Icelandic snack,
  • smoked lamb carpaccio with blueberries,
  • deep fried camembert with blueberry jam,
  • seafood soup – langoustine, scallops and salmon,
  • fish and chips – deep fried cod and tartar sauce,
  • traditional Icelandic plokkari (onion, milk, potato, cod),
  • baked fillet of Arctic char,
  • Icelandic lamb,
  • Þorskhnakki / thorskhnakki (cod),
  • saltfiskhnakki (salted cod),
  • baked salmon,
  • smoked salmon open sandwich,
  • lobster pizza.

September 2018


Uppsalir Bar & Café – Aðalstræti 16, 101 Reykjavík, Capital Region

Reykjavik Fish Restaurant – Tryggvagata 8, 101, 101 Reykjavík, Capital Region

Eldstó Art Cafe / Restaurant – Austurvegur 2, 860 Hvolsvöllur, Southern Region

Adventure Hotel Hof Restaurant – Hof 1, Eastern Region

Salt Café & Bistró – Miðvangi 2, 700 Egilsstöðum, Eastern Region

Skúlagarður Hotel Restaurant – Skúlagarður, 671 Ásbyrgi, Northeastern Region

Nord Restaurant – Keflavík International Airport, Keflavík, Southern Peninsula Region

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© Agata Ziz • All photos were taken by me • All rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Icelandic cuisine

  1. Like many of its Nordic neighbors, Iceland is heavily fish/seafood-base, which is great if you’re into seafood. I’ve also tried hákarl (shark meat), which was definitely not my taste, but it was an experience! But Icelandic lamb definitely hits the spot!

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