Reynisfjara beach in the rain

Reynisfjara – a black sand beach in near Vík village, at the feet of Reynisfjall mountain in Southern Region of Iceland. Named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is also one of the most dangerous, due to powerful sneaker waves. The name Reynisfjara is connected to the name of Reynisfjall mountain (in Icelandic: fjall – a mountain, fjara – a beach).

Next to the beach there is the Hálsanefshellir Cave (with dark basalt columns) and Reynisdrangar (basalt sea stacks). According to legends Reynisdrangar is either three-masted ship carried vainly by two trolls or the trolls and a woman, who freezed to death beacause of them.

Reynisfjara beach is a filming location of music videos and movies (among others: Noah, Star Trek into Darkness, Dilwale).

September 15, 2018

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