Icelandic horses

Icelandic horse – a breed of small, long-lived and hardy horses, developed in harsh climate of Iceland and the only breed of horse in that country (no other breed is allowed into a country and the horses which were transported out of Iceland cannot be brought back).

Icelandic horse is a “five-gaited” breed: the horses can perform – apart from walk, trot, and canter/gallo – two additional gaits: tölt four-beat lateral ambling gait and flying pace (skeið / flugskeið), fast (even up to 48 km/h), used in races.

Update 2022: Below the photos: a Visit Iceland campign 🙂

September 2o18

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Inspired by Iceland – OutHorse Your Email to Iceland’s Horses

Nothing ruins a glacier hike like an email from your boss. Thankfully, Iceland’s very special horses will reply to your work emails so you can enjoy your vacation in peace (Seriously). Visit to try it!

Iceland on

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7 thoughts on “Icelandic horses

  1. I only saw the Icelandic horses while driving by the road side on my trip in 2018. Didn’t get to go up-close to them, but they were absolutely beautiful and majestic. Definitely adds to the wild beauty of the country!

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