Coast walk in Reykjavík

A walk on coastal path in Reykjavík (Capital Region, Iceland). On the way:

  • coastal path art,
  • Grímsstaðavör old fishing sheds,
  • Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach (webpage),
  • Kópavogur and Kópavogskirkja (1960s church).

September 10, 2018

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Seltjarnarnes – a township next to Reykjavík, in Capital Region of Island. It is the smallest (by area – 2 km²) township in the country. Located on Seltjarnarnes peninsula, with beautiful views.

Sights / Things to do in Seltjarnarnes:

  • Grótta island – with lighthouse and rich birdlife, accessible only at low tide and off nesting season, good for nothern lights viewing;
  • Bakkatjörn lake – good for birdwatching;
  • Kvika footbath – geothermal pool;
  • Sundlaug Seltjarnarness – a public swimming pool, with hot tubs;
  • 9-hole golf course;
  • walking trails;
  • Seltjarnarneskirkja – Seltjarnarnes church at Valhúsahæð (good for nothern lights viewing).

September 2018

Ξ Seltjarnarnes webpage

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Reykjavík – the Smoke Cove

Reykjavík (Smoke Cove / Bay of Smoke)– the capital and largest city of Iceland, located at Faxaflói bay, in Capital Region, with approx. 131 000 inhabitants. One of the cleanest, greenest and safest cities on Earth. First settlement was set up here in 874, a town was founded in 1785. The name of the city comes from the steam (“smoke”) from the hot springs.

Sights / Things to do in Reykjavík:

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