The Monastery

Sunset in Supraśl – a spa town in Podlaskie province, Poland – with a view to Supraśl river and Supraśl Lavra.

June 2018

Supraśl, Podlaskie, Poland

Ξ Supraśl Tourism webpage

∇ Location: view on Google Maps

⛭ Weather in Supraśl

See also:

Supraśl: Supraśl Town | Supraśl Lavra | Rainbow sunset | Supraśl River | Supraśl in green

Around Supraśl: Studzianki | Łaźnie | In the forest | The bridge of the king: Królowy Most

Cuisine: Podlaskie treats

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© Agata Ziz • All photos were taken by me • All rights reserved

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    1. Yes, I did “follow” a month ago, but I was not receiving e-mail notifications, so I change my notifications settings (you could see that I “subscribed”). Hopefully now I will be notified about Seenorway new posts 🙂


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