Jastarnia – is a resort town with a  fishing port on the Hel Peninsula on the Baltic Sea, in Pomeranian, Poland. The name of the town can come from the word “jastra”: which means “something bright” or “Easter” (in Kashubian).

Other towns and tourist resorts on Hel Peninsula: Jurata, Chłapowo, Kuźnica, Chałupy, Władysławowo.

Hel Peninsula (Mierzeja Helska, Półwysep Helski) – a peninsula in northern Poland, it separates the Bay of Puck from the Baltic Sea. It is 35-km-long and from 100 m to 3 km wide. Formed entirely of sand (few centuries ago it was a chain of islands, today during winter storms it can “loose” its connection to the mainland and become a temporary island).

The origins of the name are not clear, however it has nothing to do with the English word “hell” (the number of the bus route – 666 – going to Hel is also coincidental). The name of the Hel Peninsula could come from “hyl” or “hel” meaning “empty, exposed place” in old-Polish or from “heel” – description of the form of the peninsula in Germanic.

On the Hel Peninsula there are few kitesurfing and windsurfing spots.

June 2018

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