Lake Urmia

Lake Urmia – is a salt lake in north-west Iran. It used to be the largest lake in the Middle East and the sixth-largest saltwater lake in the world with more than 100 islands and the area of of approx. 5200 km2, 140 km long and 55 km wide. Till 2017 the lake lost 90% of its size and 98% of its water volume because of droughts, construction of the dams, pumping of groundwater from the area.
Update 2019: Many effords had been taken and the water level in the Lake Urmia is increasing.

The name “Urmia” might come from Indo-Iranian urmi (wave) and urmya (wavy, undulating).

In the pictures: Lake Urmia in September 2016, in February 2017 and in June 2017.

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