Dieverbrug (Drents: Dieverbrogge) – a village in the municipality of Westerveld, in Drenthe province (Netherlands), located on the Drentsche Hoofdvaart (Drenthe Main Canal), halfway between Diever and Dwingeloo. The name of the village origins from diever – coming from the word meaning “deep” or “low” and “brug” – bridge over the Drentsche Hoofdvaart. In 1840 in Dieverbrug there were seven houses and 45 inhabitants, in 2019 the population has grown to 270 people.

May 2017

Sights / Things to do in Dieverbrug:

  • remnants of a lime kilns (“kalkovens”) complex from 1925, renovated in 1925 – a national monument,
  • bridge keeper’s house “Antigone” from 1882,
  • toll house from ca 1900,
  • houses and farms from early 20th century.

Dieverbrug, Drenthe, Netherlands

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⛭ Weather in Dieverbrug

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