Neapolitan cuisine

An introduction to Neapolitan cuisine.

Salato (savory):

  • pizza – the world famous dish origins from Naples,
  • spaghetti alla puttanesca – spaghetti  with tomato sauce, black olives, and capers,
  • pasta with Neapolitan ragù – sauce with made of soffritto, meat, tomato sauce,
  • Neapolitan sauce / Napoli sauce / Napoletana sauce – tomato-based sauce,
  • polpi alla luciana – octopus cooked with chili pepper and tomatoes,
  • alici dorate e fritte – deep-fried boneless anchovies,
  • parmigiana di melanzane – eggplant pie with tomato sauce and fiordilatte,
  • street food – mostly fied food sold in friggitoria (“fryer”)
    • pizza fritta – fried pizza, one of the oldest forms of pizza,
    • crocchè – deep fried stuffed potato balls
    • arancini – deep-fried ball of rice

Dolce (sweet):

  • babà – small yeast cake saturated in rum syrup, it can be filled with whipped cream,
  • pastiera Napoletana – tart made with cooked wheat, eggs, ricotta cheese,  orange flower water, typical for Easter,
  • milglaccio – semolina, lemon ricotta cake / pudding,
  • sfogliatella – “lobster tail” cake,
  • zeppole / frittelle – deep-fried dough balls,
  • gelato – frozen dessert.

Altough red chili pepper is not the most common ingredient in Neapolitan cuisine (green peppers – peperoncini verdi – are usually fried), red cornicello (“little horn”) is trditional talisman protecting against the evil eye.

Naples (Napoli), Metropolitan City of Naples, Campania, Italy

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Ξ Naples webpage (Italian)

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