Jabreen Castle

Jabreen (Jabrin / Jibreen / Jibrin / ) – a small town in Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate in Oman, near Nizwa.

Jabreen Castle was built in 1670 by Imam Bel’arab bin Sultan Al Yarubi, who moved his capital here from Nizwa. His tomb is inside the castle. It is said to be the most beautiful castle in Oman.

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A glimpse at Jabreen Castle


Nizwa – the largest (and one of the oldest in Oman) city in Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate, the former capital of Oman (6th-7th century), located at the base of the Western Hajar Mountains.

  • Nizwa fort – built in the 1668, Oman’s most visited national monument.
  • Nizwa souq – the second most important (after Muttrah in Muscat) souq in Oman, a market place selling (animals – goats – and agricultural products) and handicrafts. Nizwa is famous especially for silver jewellery and khanjars (curved daggers).
  • Falaj Daris – the largest falaj in Oman, a World Heritage Site, provides Nizwa’s surroundings (mainly palm farms) in water.

Al Hajar Mountains

Al Hajar Mountains (The Rocky Mountains / The Stone Mountains) also known as “Oman Mounstains” (however the part of them is in UAE) – the highest mountain range in the eastern Arabian peninsula, that extends for 700 kilometres. The the highest peak of the range (and the highest peak of Oman) is Jebel Shams (3009 m).

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