Bahrain: a country of all but 100 islands

Bahrain is an island country in Arabian (Persian) Gulf, the third-smallest country in Asia (after the Maldives and Singapore). It is an archipelago consisting of Bahrain Island, 40 natural islands and 51 artificial islands. The name of the country comes from Arabic al-Bahrayn – “the two seas”.

Bahrain was know for one of the world’s best pearl fisheries, now not only for oil industry but olso for banking and tourism.

Sights / Things to do in Bahrain:

⇒ forts

  • Bahrain Fort / Qalat Al Bahrain / Portuguese Fort – a fort and an archaeological site (2300 BC) in Al Qalah village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site (since 2005).


  • Arad Fort – in Arad on Muharraq Island, a fort from 15th century.


  • Bu Maher Fort / Abu Maher Fort – a fort situated in Muharraq, part of the Bahrain Pearling Trail (UNESCO World Heritage Site).
  • Riffa Fort – in Riffa, a fort from 19th century.

⇒ mosques

  • Al Fateh Grand Mosque – in Juffair, Manama; one of the largest mosques in the world (capasity: 7000), open for tourist (except Fridays), also a site of National Library of Bahrain.


  • Khamis Mosque – in Khamis, it is said to be the oldest mosque in Bahrain (7th century).

⇒ museums, culture, history

  • Bahrain National Museum – in Manama, the largest and oldest public museum in the country, collection: Dilmun artifacts, natural history.
  • Bahrain Pearling Trail / Bahrain Pearling Pathway – a serial cultural heritage site (UNESCO World Heritage List): three oyster beds (north), a segment of the coast and the seafront Bu Mahir fortress (Muharraq Island), 17 buildings (among them: Bayt Siyadi / Siyadi House) in Muharraq (and 3.5-km-long pathway). Ξ Unsesco webpage
  • Bab Al Bahrain / Gateway of Bahrain – in the Customs Square (the region’s first formal public space), Manama, main entrance to the Manama Souq, opened in 1949.


  • Isa Cultural Centre (ICC)
Isa Cultural Centre – Manama, Bahrain


  • Beit Al Qur’an (the House of Qur’an) – a multi-purpose Islamic arts complex (and Islamic Museum) in Hoora.

⇒ colorful Bahrain

⇒ business district


Bahrain International Circuit and Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix (Formula One championship race)

Bahrain International Circuit

⇒ nature

Jabal ad Dukhan, Bahrain


  • Dohar Arad Lagoon

⇒ islands and beaches

August 2013

∇ Location: view on Google Maps

⛭ Weather in Bahrain

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